Gentle Reminder. 

Please note this. Let me tell you quiescentlistener isn’t all about shredding painful stories or grating happenings spilling over.  It shall generally combine with a plethora of good things satisfactory and loads of blush in myriad. 

Keep sending in more love. Thanking everyone for the support in such compact time. 🙂

Never again you will have to ask. 

She never wanted to know,  what one could bring at her feet.Her heart loved too pure and her wings too neat. 

Insecure, kept hearing all the time. Well whoever said, never once took the climb. 

A ‘forever ‘for her looked so empty , wasting tears in her twenties. 

Soon shall she realise,  the mist always clears. Your crown will rise.

Have no fear , look at the sky,  roll your pains and set them free. 

Never again you shall ever ask, “will you ever get tired of me?” .


To the person who thinks the world is giving up on her. There you have a picture you yourself drew and there’s a destiny you have to yourself shape. 

You are not alone, someone is always listening to you. :’)

  • Is it on a daily basis that you look at someone and envy their smile? their tranquility? their glow? Could we ever think that smile could be a result of overcoming a scar, that glow came after fighting millions of teardrops streaming down those cheeks.Could you have ever imagined the person you went on a coffee with could be the same person banging their fist in the wall to outrage an emotion ,the same person hiding under walls of grimace, the same person whose eyes gleam in watching someone happy could be throwing out layers of grief like spreading out roses over satin. It could be the one you don’t know, the one you could have known, or the one you know but don’t. How come you could never make out?  You never will. 

~your quiescent listener. 

Goodnight’s and Goodbye’s. 

Goodnights and Goodbyes !
When the night creeps to dark

My past follows its way back

To the chaos evolving in me

As the soul gazes at the stars
Bright smiles , set fire

Beating hearts

Loves desire,

Moonlit room,hand so warm

Your eyes , that charm !

Swift movements , heartful bliss

Stars shining , make a wish ?

Tender words, smooth skin

Feel you breathe, a slight of ‘win’

You’r my treasure over the time

As these faded moments come back , Every night !
And In serenity , I recall

The paintings of our pictures of peace

As they are now , enigma above all.
For something that killed us , to make us grow

Believe love will revamp you again , to help you glow
Till then , I pray for your happy might

And shed a heartful cry

For your absence consumed in my sight

But love , keep trusting those eyes
And till then ,

Let me burn again !

In those GoodNIGHTS and GoodBYES !

Let’s hear it. 

We have always expressed the inner voice or haven’t. We gracefully miss out the art of listening. When someone wants to speak,  someone just wants to be heard, maybe all times or one time or only last time. Be that person,  listen to someone today. 🙂