Glass & Heart. 

Glass and Hearts have things in common 

They look exquisite,  

Polished from outside. 

Both meant for elicting adoration , 

Are strong yet so fragile. 

Glass and Hearts have things in common 

For it hits that what matters. 

They just break and shatter. 




Knowingly & Unknowingly 

What destroys us most,  

Are those, who keep coming back. 😌

A Monday Morning. 

On a random Monday morning like this,  

I woke up to the sound of downpour

When I sat by the window,  

Holding on to few things. 

A hard cold cover on my thighs,

And a vapour mixing with the skies. 

Only and only, 

My Page-Turner that’s never out of sight

and the coffee,  a best friend of every night.

On just a random Monday morning like this,

Was just the beginning of a Heartfelt Romance. 


Whenever you don’t feel loved. 

Whenever you don’t feel loved. 

Sit back and think if you ever loved enough 

Open your arms & embrace something better

Whenever you don’t feel loved,  

Remember that there are many like you Waiting to just be known. 

Mostly,  whenever you don’t feel loved 

Step forward,  to love yourself a little more. 

And someday you will thank everyone for not loving you enough.

Wild goodnight’s disguised in patient armour. 

Said He,  

On one of those restless nights

Spread your life, 

Let me love those scars &

Wipe those tears .

Giving to feel some pains till I 

Hear some groans .

Undress all your worries &

Let me guard your troubles.

Limit your Insecurities 

Show me your fears.

Turn off the Webcam 

Close your eyes & 

Go to sleep 

Just to have a Goodnight. 

Will you ?

(Image Courtesy : My sister) back then when I had really long hair.

Do me a favour sweet little hon,  

That bridge ?

That disconnected your world,

and deceived your happiness 

That put you in the water,

and pushed you till the swamp

That did nothing ,

but only several harms 

Go,  Go. 

Burn it.

To those unfinished dreams.

To dream is a feel,  

But some Unfinished,  Unhappened

Dreams put us down

Pats us low ,

Breaks our crown 

In the course of time we still never

Stop dreaming,  

We just stop believing in them. 

(Have you felt like it too?  )


(Image Courtesy : My beautiful friend,  Manisha.)

I intimidate people with my silence, 

Infuriate them with my insecurities 

Swear them off my care, 

Nauseate them with my fears .

I fold and crush like a tissue ,

But yearn to be refined without any excuse. 

I grow under layers of grimace ,

But hold on to memories for days

I crib,  I cry .

I hurt,  I try .

I  approve some punches to make things right. 

I fail , I’m extreme .

I choke, I scream.

I hate sitting on a floor so dry,

But I swear,  I’d be worth a try. 

To hold my mess together ,

Cause it’s better late than never. 

Thank you for reading  🙂 @quiescentlistener