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You could differentiate between what’s bad and worse,  

You could know what damages you more between holding on or letting go ,

Probably you shall also know to chose between staying back for the hearts view or trusting the beginning’s that are new, 

It’s hard to judge which face is two ,
Specially, the one that’s truer to you.  

(Keep your mind and not only your eyes open) 



I don’t know how many of you shall bash me for this but I’m not much of a follower of a filmstar or a model or human’s who have achieved the ‘celebrity tag’ by roasting each other for publicity. I have just not felt that I could read four quotes from an Oscar winning actor or an actress or watch a model’s perfect romantic dinner dates with her Beau and judge their goodness and humanity over it . However,  it’s not like I don’t fangirl a musician whose voice I love or an artist whose work I appreciate , even I look at beautiful models doing their best in their careers and also when i watch them wearing something really good that I wished for myself.

 The basic idea underlining is that the tally of my respect and love lies more for the people I come across on a daily basis and have had the opportunity to observe them rather than those whom I haven’t. It just is never going to exceed that. 

Image Courtesy : That’s a picture of one of the cutest thing’s I’ve received today from a sweet little soul.

If you are struggling between your messed up life and still wait for your mother’s smile, 

When your kite doesn’t fly but you know it will and believe in the skies , 

You don’t know what a kitchen looks like but you google your dad’s favorite sweet recipe for his birthday ,

You travel miles of distance for your work and education in the hope of a better tomorrow,  

The love inside you is so abundant that hatred never found a spot,  

Then you my friend , 

Are a Hero and Yes!  You Inspire Me.


One Lovely Blog Award 

Mahima  I’d like you to know how glad I am for the nomination of this award. It is my first award in this blog and I’m thankful to you. I used to look up at other blogs having at least one of these and think that maybe someday,  it will come to me and it has arrived. Thank you ❤ All of you reading this,  do check her blog. 

Disclosing seven things about me:

  1. I absolutely love love love food like its my religion. 
  2. I can’t say a no to anyone (unless the situation is not that critical) cause I feel that I will hurt them.
  3.  I usually know what I want and why but I’m very contradictory in nature and that puts me off too. 
  4. I have a thing for subtle rains in mid evenings with a book and anything delicious ( I crave a lot for such moments and would keep aside Any work if given a chance) 
  5. I believe in love. A lot 
  6. I feel skeptical about every decision in my life. 
  7. I grab some food when I’m down as I know it serves me well,  all the time..  ( apparently to have started this) 

My Nominees:


Ward Clever

The mask writer



Megals’s Kitchen



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  Be nice to people ✌.                

As a small child 

Image Courtesy : Google Images

As a small child 

For that stolen chocolate I used to cry, 

Untill I was promised for more,  I knew no lie. 

I waited by the window pane,  

To float paper boats & play in the rain. 

Pain for me described wounded knees ,

Happiness lied within Humpty Dumpty’s sneeze. 

My heart never wore off and felt too bare ,

To love was my strength & to hate, a dare. 

Growing up was standing five feet tall ,

Until I picked myself after every fall. 

The knot of joy was thick tied and strong ,

Until I had to keep holding on. 
How many of you have felt this way? 


What I didn’t ask for 

Image Courtesy : That’s the best part of my room, a picture me kissing my best friend. 

It is one of rare and random cases you wake up to a surprise or rather I would name,  a blessing. Each and every thing in the picture is what I received today morning. (No, it’s not my birthday)  but someone who wants to show love need not a day for it. 

I am currently flowing through one of the times in my life and everyday I wake up with the thought that it’s just another day,  just another week and a few more days shall be just another month. It is when I feel like the least dust particle on the inside of a helium balloon , I receive something that widened my soul. The kind of widening that sees no shrink. 

To my best friend,  

She has no idea how this made me feel. Probably if I would have received this on my birthday,  it would have been just another gift. However,  god had his plans and he kept this for later cus he just knows when and what we will be needing the most and she probably is the first person on earth to have written me letters. 

Few things I crave for will be Effort. 

* Write a small letter 

*Let someone know why you love them. 

* Cook something for someone 

*Dedicate them a song 

It works magically , at least for me it does matter a lot and I don’t want to thank her for all this. 

I’ve thanked her all my life for other things,  maybe my thank you shall be visible in my actions. Don’t just say thank you,  make it visible in your actions. And I definitely would always try my best to make her ‘show off me’ 

Just like I say,  Best things in life aren’t the one you asked for :’) 


Your Baby Girl ❤


Let me know 

Image Courtesy : Self.

Let me know. 

If ever,  

Your nerves couldn’t take it anymore ,

and pain is all that you could devour .

As it keeps getting darker ,

and you can’t keep going further .

That the agony is only true, 

And it all turns black from blue,

That even the weather ,  cry’s for you ? 

Let me know my readers 🙂 
P. S : The picture was taken by me few days back but it’s 23.07 pm IST in India,  and it’s raining,  real bad. Perfect for how I feel right now. 

So go ahead. I’m listening 


Let the Light’s Guide You Home ✴✳

Image Courtesy :Own Window Pane.

Overtly Deserts ,  Crowded Minds

Been through it a hundred times. 

Deep dense forests,  uncluttered awhile,  

Walk of a thousand miles. 

Keep crossing endangered wilds,  

To every sleepless night. 

A turn I’m yet to decide ,

Weather a left or a right.

From a tunnel,  flickered a light. 

Just one last time,  

I wisper to myself in an undertone 

Honey,  let those lights guide you home. 
(A little clarification in case my readers are wondering then I’m just as well comparing this little life’s journey of mine as well as a one traveller travelling through the harsh and rough conditions however still clinging to little of light as its hope. Always,  Always cling to the last piece of hope and never let anything put you out of your way.) 


One Night & The Other 

Image Courtesy : Yes. That’s a selfie 

One night beside the flickering lamp,

But every night inside a pool of memories. 

One night over the top floor with open shrill winds,

But every night in between unsure lines.

One night in your love flooded car, 

But every night on the roads to wrecking. 

One night on the Vedio calling option,

But every night with the pillows soaking intention.

Inconsistency got my nights together pulled apart & Unsettled thoughts keeps ripping every other part. 

However My Amore,  

If I haven’t loved you enough ,  who else did? 


Have You Gifted Yourself Yet?  

On the days when everything is crumbling down and guards getting too low. If you wish to devoured by some huge thing so as to little your existence to major extent.

 On the days when nothing feels right and you harm others , for your actions & for their intentions. 

On the days when the matter is just for surviving rather than living or if you only to eat to fill and not to feel. 

On the days when no care feels right or no hate feels as wrong. When it is you and it’s eternal. 

On such a day Self Love is not harmful , but important.  

Gift yourself this day , almost every day. 

Have you gifted yourself yet? 


No more making it right. 

Let me tell you a story in short ,

About ever since my last retort. 

A part of my life here I describe, 

Not everything in once,  as I could write. 

I’ve been trying to hold to destruction so bad

Like a fist full of loose sand.

My veins scream for love 

Nothing better I could catch hold off.

Nothing but alas 

Holding on to hurt like the shards of a glass. 

I feel like I’m tearing through every crack of the vessel 

But every emotion I can’t deal,  I wrestle. 

In the end , I try for a simple smooth 

But,  It’s so tough 

I’m no more making it right