Wild goodnight’s disguised in patient armour. 

Said He,  

On one of those restless nights

Spread your life, 

Let me love those scars &

Wipe those tears .

Giving to feel some pains till I 

Hear some groans .

Undress all your worries &

Let me guard your troubles.

Limit your Insecurities 

Show me your fears.

Turn off the Webcam 

Close your eyes & 

Go to sleep 

Just to have a Goodnight. 

Will you ?

(Image Courtesy : My sister) back then when I had really long hair.

Do me a favour sweet little hon,  

That bridge ?

That disconnected your world,

and deceived your happiness 

That put you in the water,

and pushed you till the swamp

That did nothing ,

but only several harms 

Go,  Go. 

Burn it.


(Image Courtesy : My beautiful friend,  Manisha.)

I intimidate people with my silence, 

Infuriate them with my insecurities 

Swear them off my care, 

Nauseate them with my fears .

I fold and crush like a tissue ,

But yearn to be refined without any excuse. 

I grow under layers of grimace ,

But hold on to memories for days

I crib,  I cry .

I hurt,  I try .

I  approve some punches to make things right. 

I fail , I’m extreme .

I choke, I scream.

I hate sitting on a floor so dry,

But I swear,  I’d be worth a try. 

To hold my mess together ,

Cause it’s better late than never. 

Thank you for reading  🙂 @quiescentlistener 

Can’t wait. 

A seventy year old me , would pain in not putting in effort for the things I want 
Would try to peep in their hearts than their social media accounts 

Would love to sleep in a dark night wrapped along a blanket of stars 

Would still wait for a love letter

Would not be as fragile to worthless situations

Would not be scared to be lonely. 

A seventy year old me would be the outcome of managing persistent worse situations, on bearing utter patience and moderation. If that it’s going to be. 

Believe me,  I can’t wait to grow old.