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On How much for granted you take your shelter ? 

By shelter I hereby intend it to be anything that protects,  safeguards you,  keeps you within itself. It could be your home,  a place,  an object or a human. Let me make this very brief and short. 

I’ve had true instances in my life where I’ve people coming to me for very smallest issues in their life in a hope for a solution or an advice and I truly don’t see a problem there. (swear)  but then, you keep coming with the same issue again and again committing the same mistake while knowing I shall have the same thing to say, then Dear People,  *You’re annoying me* 

Honestly,  it doesn’t matter to me what you do in your life no matter how close you are to me unless you’re doing something wrong. It’s your life and you have the liberty to do whatever the wish you have unless you’re putting a trouble in front of me and asking for help and then repeating the same mistake again. You see what you’re doing to your shelter. Let’s just forget anybody or any place as it and just consider yourself and your own soul as your inner being of shelter cause let’s just face the fact that no matter how many people you’ve got in your life or how many people love you to death , at the end of every night and beginning of every dawn, it’s only you by yourself and nothing can change that. 

So you might cheat on me or any freaking body but in the darkness, your own pleasurably beautiful mistakes will drown you. So do not do the mistake to cheat your shelter. Your eternity is fading and some strong power watches that. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 




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Why is fear sometimes so bad ?
It doesn’t let me grow,  

Sticks in the back of my mind & tears me apart. 

Why is fear so cruel ?

It restricts my inner goods 

For I tend to believe in ruins & grudges real. 

Why is fear sometimes so awful? 

It marks me crestfallen,  

Trips over them and makes trusting none or a handful. 

Fear, sometimes it’s so bad 

I fear to fear things , 

And it keeps getting more hard. 


Why are writers dangerous ? (Pt-II) 

If you haven’t read (Part-I) Here’s the link. 


I will sneak inside your dark soul and live there until I find you a purpose to live in this world. 

It will not matter to me which places you have gone but how much you have lived. 

I will draw inspiration from your half sleepy eyes and carve a canvas out of it. 

I will settle in every layer and fold of your fears to encourage your encounters. 

Your blood will get thicker each time my thoughts are covered into words. 

You will not understand or realise how deep you will fall for my words and the shallow void that will create in itself. 

But you don’t know while you’re reading about my ink spills,  
You don’t know, I’ve trapped you already .

I’m dangerous. 

How many of you are?  


Have you ever felt a love so deep?  

A small intro here about the Indian Mythology that depicts the true and unrequited love of the chakor(a bird) (In English : Chukar Partridge)  for the moon . 

The kind of love between them where the moon makes her light reach everywhere with her luminous rays but is out of the birds reach who however waits for the day to come closer to the moon someday and counts on her. 

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High it flies, 
To return rough and dry. 

Holds a love so Unrequited and Intense , 

For even the moon fails to unmark it’s presence. 

It starves to touch her someday,  

but feeds on her rays. 

In love with the moon,  

Even when it knows she’s out of reach, 

It has grown immensely patient and lost all sleep , 

Also,  have you ever felt a love so deep?  


Bad Liar

You have masked insecurities , 

but all you put forward is maturity. 

Your face shows no regret,  

but you’re heart is in a constant threat. 

Your arms seem open to every possibility, 

So how often do you dig your vulnerabilities ?

How your eyes beam reading shallow poetry 

But how weariness reflects in your soul’s geometry. 

Your display of faith so strong and nothing is what you require,  

Oh my girl,  You’re such a bad liar. 🙂 

(It’s completely fine to be downhill for days together,  to not be able to give,  to not feel like it or to not try to make ends meet . Just stop lying to yourself and accept everything the way it is. The biggest harm one could do is not being true to yourself.)  

Keep Loving, Stop Self -Lying.

@quiescentlistener .


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There is a small place in the swamp, only for the lotus to nurture

The Ice melts only in the heat,

You shall get what you want, only when you are your dreams worker

A life’s string is only a matter of a heartbeat. 

Only a caged bird knows true tears, 

Ask a lost one , for all her pain in the dust just smears. 

That dew drop that only on the flower shines,  

Look at those scars,  that last a lifetime 

Their is a place in heart,  

For nobody 

Reserve it for yourself ✴



#Quiescentlistener Talks (1)

On ‘Why Expectations Hurt us ? “

Nor one of my other poems or structured writings neither happy posts with any rhyming. (Well that was an unintended rhyme)  

So basically I’m using up this blank space today to talk or discuss about something or just a random rant sort of thing based on what I face on a daily basis and how it has helped me learn something higher than this.

So an acquaintance of mine from a random chat of ours tells me a few things about expectations and stuff like that. 

Somehow,  the situation she was in and based on how she took ‘Expectations’ to be , something just strikes me so well about it is that ; 

We as human beings overestimate ‘Expectations‘ so much that it blinds our possiblity of rightness. We sometimes actually expect illogical things and blame it all on life or the person for having not being able to reach it. 

For example,  we cannot give a chocolate to a child and expect him to share it with us. That shall be great and a different thing if he offers you some and that shall be too our surprise. 

As every person you meet in this earth has a sad story to tell and is the innocent one in their story but how come you never met the villain?  Never met the person who played the wrong in their story?  Cause none is wrong to themselves and whatever we do is right for us,  Our hopes,  Our Considerations , Our Expectations. So even expectations  have their  limits and if designated beyond that shall put you down,  Everytime. Probably something we need to understand. 

So mostly and not always that is I say that only sometimes  it’s the expectations that have reached illegit limits which should not be digged. 

So the next time you say ‘Expectations Hurt’ Ask yourself one time if the one you wanted for was true and justified enough to be fulfilled?  

That’s all for today. 

Thank you for reading. 

Let me know if there is anything else we could discuss. 


Why are writers dangerous ? Pt-I 

Self notebook ✴

The species of a writer is the most versatile in its kind. 

They could make a normal wood look as majestic as the mountains touching the sky and there at one place,  sitting in your balcony reading four lines could make your heart cry. 

They will induce in you the feelings of pain and virtue so well and carve your soul with the sentiments by splashing every shade of passion. 

They will make you trust your instincts vehemently and will nurture your mind to to never put your foot down for the unsettling dust of mediocrity . 

To be continued.. 



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You could differentiate between what’s bad and worse,  

You could know what damages you more between holding on or letting go ,

Probably you shall also know to chose between staying back for the hearts view or trusting the beginning’s that are new, 

It’s hard to judge which face is two ,
Specially, the one that’s truer to you.  

(Keep your mind and not only your eyes open) 



I don’t know how many of you shall bash me for this but I’m not much of a follower of a filmstar or a model or human’s who have achieved the ‘celebrity tag’ by roasting each other for publicity. I have just not felt that I could read four quotes from an Oscar winning actor or an actress or watch a model’s perfect romantic dinner dates with her Beau and judge their goodness and humanity over it . However,  it’s not like I don’t fangirl a musician whose voice I love or an artist whose work I appreciate , even I look at beautiful models doing their best in their careers and also when i watch them wearing something really good that I wished for myself.

 The basic idea underlining is that the tally of my respect and love lies more for the people I come across on a daily basis and have had the opportunity to observe them rather than those whom I haven’t. It just is never going to exceed that. 

Image Courtesy : That’s a picture of one of the cutest thing’s I’ve received today from a sweet little soul.

If you are struggling between your messed up life and still wait for your mother’s smile, 

When your kite doesn’t fly but you know it will and believe in the skies , 

You don’t know what a kitchen looks like but you google your dad’s favorite sweet recipe for his birthday ,

You travel miles of distance for your work and education in the hope of a better tomorrow,  

The love inside you is so abundant that hatred never found a spot,  

Then you my friend , 

Are a Hero and Yes!  You Inspire Me.