A post for the ‘Anonymous’

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Once during a hearty conversation with one of the fellow blogger, I was told by her that most of her social media handles are anonymous as she posts more about her writing and pictures of things she takes .

And on another day one more fellow blogger tells me how people should stop being anonymous and fake and come out to the world instead.

I choose to differ because I believe in anonymity. Everyone has reasons, the first reason is always ‘I don’t want so and so person to read this and know who I am’ , trust me they are doing a favour. Some simply do not want to be noticed because that’s how they are ‘Spotlights are not the best for everyone’ . Clearly there is a difference between being anonymous and being fake.

Lastly, there are so many things we purposely do not communicate or writings and feelings that many have not seen, In that way

Aren’t we all a little anonymous?

Let me know


What is fine?

(Picture : self)

I fall and scatter so many times,

I’m struggling to make this rhyme.

I sit in dark rooms and closed doors,

A little too attached to cold hard floors.

I feel absence ,

I also crave distance .

I’m trying to get this together,

A little something to make me feel better.

My favorite book in front of me,

My mind running in some garden, in those trees.

I’m trying to leave a mark,

But isn’t this night unusually dark?

I’m needing this motion, needing the heart,

Just how it was so fearless from the start.

I’m sitting by the window ; watching it rain ,

It’s fully open, this wooden pane.

Maybe I had some plans, I was supposed to dine.

I’m just chilling by the air, I know I will be fine.


Let me know if it’s okay to cancel on everything so you can have this time for yourself . To for a moment believe that it’s going to be okay. Maybe not now but eventually.

Whatever you planned, is not going to happen.

My motive was not to scare you.

But putting forward a fact that is to most degrees, universal.

I’m usually the one to believe in signs and what a particular incident or situation is trying to tell me. But, we fall back and please let’s just admit that we all do .

To make things a bit more specific let me break the bread here : You know how on some nights you are so excited about certain things to happen to you and have imaginary scenarios playing in your head like LA LA Land ? But instead what really happened was nothing or every plan getting cancelled? OR Days when you thought nothing is ever going to happen that could possibly lift your spirits and you might as well be a lizard on somebody’s wall but something so good happens you doubt how that ever happened to you.

Not just with plannings , events or situations but in the larger picture, most of the time whatever you planned is not going to happen.

And let that not dishearten you because trust me for a second when I say this, something worse or better could happen to you but that’s what is going to matter ahead when you connect the dots. Maybe sometime later you shall say, ‘ Now I understand what happened and why and maybe back then it was the best thing that could have happened to me ‘

(Speaking from personal experiences : Wayyyy tooooooo manyyy)

If things aren’t going your way, Patience sounds like the least thing in the world one would want to resort to buy hold up people, it’s coming!

Good Morning!


Recovering a bit from all the cold and soreness I suffered.

This Indian Summer

When I say summer, please think of holidays.

It’s blazing heat in here.

All Indians , you know what I’m talking about.

We have always pictured our summers with, Fat fleshy mangoes & Round red looking watermelons , staying indoors and sipping in ‘Glucon D’ ( the Indian drink for glucose) , heavy evening winds with a densely setting sun , let’s not forget the ‘Nimbu -Paani’ ( Lemonade ) ft. increasing love and familiarity with Amul (Ice Creams and Drinks) . If you cannot relate, is Atlanta your home?

When we were younger, we just had the so called ‘pressure’ of having to complete the Holiday Homework’s. But as you grow, you know life does not stop for you and HOLIDAYS (equals) Some more isolation , Looking at other people on vacation and trying to think what sin in your previous birth makes you sit here , doubled up procrastination and the kind of sleep that exhausts you more, unexpected unhealthy food binges and the not so confident mirror experience.

Here’s what you can do and a few things I’m willing to / have started doing.

  • First things things. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING.
  • Delete what makes you unhappy or threatens your mental peace. (I’m off instagram and facebook already)
  • Have you tried YouTube? ( discover what you love, get some motivation or just watch a cute puppy dammit.)
  • Try something new. Sounds strange but I’ve been doodling since a few days and believe it or not, I enjoy it!! I’m also thinking to start baking (I mean what better if your hard work gives sweet results). There is never the right moment to begin something so just attack.
  • Go out and by that I do not mean bottoms up with vodka or whisky or whatever (once in a while doesn’t hurt though.) but when I say go out , it means move that lazy ass out of that couch and take in the breeze. It’s beautiful in the evenings anyway.
  • Set goals and achieve them. Again, not goals like ‘ I shall become the CEO with the hottest body ‘ but goals that are minimal efficient and that can be achieved. Goals like, 10 books this summer, learn a new language or emit junk and go green .Anything that helps you grow needs your attention.

Whatever you do , be productive. I’m glad to rise and to realise and figure out what I need to do and trying to maintain it.

Do remember, you do not have to be hard on yourself (any season, any day) It’s your body, let it breathe.

The key to a good life lies in keeping yourself busy ( even if you’re trying to set a record of sleeping) For once, trust me. Have a nice Indian Summer.

(that reminds me that there’s a movie called Indian Summer, which I’m yet to watch. I’m trying to watch one movie everyday so spare me , it’s movie time.)

Enjoy ❤


Excerpts from a Non-Astrologer.

Astrologer, If you belong to the holy land of India, it is almost 95 % that you have understood what this means. Not that someone not from here doesn’t. It’s just that if you are born in India, you are deeply rooted with *atleast* the idea of spiritual awakening , Reincarnation or Rebirth, Karma and the importance of 4am holy baths in sacred rivers, keeping a fast on holy festivals and of course, how our god’s require tons of milk and flower to be showered on them. ( to satisfy them and maintain the uninterrupted flow of their blessings on us )

It all boils down to one thing. FEAR. The human race unintentionally fears everything.

Ever came across a perfect business marketing technique ? How to sell a product ? The answer is quite simple, Create a crisis. Make the consumer feel the need of it. Poor us humans for the sake of efficiency also get trapped. Not to deny I am amongst them and so are you. Tell someone they need to look fair for a personality and sell them a fairness product. Tell someone they’d look better with a slimmer waist, Slim Sauna Belt. Yes.

Not just for business but all our daily emotionic transactions also take place in the band of this crisis theory. Feel less important in someones life ? threaten them of leaving.Want a person to be with you for as of your wishes ? Just rub and slice through them emotionally. Create a crisis of your place. But I wasn’t really speaking about Marketing Techniques in life right?

That is how Religion works in still so many places. The problem is we fear the things we feel we have no access to, we find solutions in everything and most of the time, it isn’t our fault. We are born with defense mechanism to shield our not only physical but mental and emotional state of being. Probably that! Is why we see hopes in astrologers OR anyone who shows promises to make our lives better or at least the thought of it.

Having said that, I am not trying to offend any Astrologer OR anybody’s profession . The main purpose to put this up was to bring in forward a few ideas or thoughts of mine completely admitting that I am no Astrologer, Psychiatric, Card reader or healer but I have seen and felt a few things that needs to come up.

Lately, quite a lot of things have been happening in my life, to the contrary it does feel as if this life of mine still got no motion. Being a private person as I am, I do not know if I can really talk about every issue and fail to differentiate if it is worth discussing about. However, to swipe the fresh creme above the cake and to brief it, there has been a lot. There is this book I completed reading today that I strongly recommend as a must read which shall not be discussed here to prevent straying away from the topic.

One thing you will learn is how everything has a consequence, every action and situation that life puts you at is made to bring you through and also that each and every incident happening today is trying to tell you something and perhaps is an indication of something. Understanding what could be learnt from it is what makes us grow. All these little and big things in our life matter. Everything Matters. Hence, this my friend I’d say is a battlefield nobody really wins or looses. We grind and fall but still try and stand tall . That is what makes us all warriors of time. Religion is no cure but a pacifier to the burn within. It should not be mistaken for anything that takes place overnight but a process.

I am no-one extra but one amongst all of you and that is what brings me closer to each of your soul’s treachery. I confide and my staple are the same things as yours. We deal with things every moment and still keep hopes to snuggle between them for peace. Hence we do not go behind anyone or anything looking for what we need .

It’s in there, right within , Look.


Hope this helps!

Good night!

How many times have you cheated on your Social Media?

My last post on WordPress was on December 31 , 2017 as an ode to the passing year. It has been more than a month and I haven’t visited WordPress. Mistake .

We human beings no matter what, always stay in a habit. A habit of repeating the same thing and cringing about it, agree? . Well I couldn’t agree less. So many of us bloggers over here have multiple social media accounts to maintain. In the growing age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I still stand by all the lovely people out her pouring out their thoughts and supporting each other. I personally have only one Instagram working and active account and do not use anything else.

However what happens at times is that we tend to get inclined towards so many things in our lives and end up repeating it time and again. Sometimes we write a lot of stuff about a lot of things but tend to slow down, maybe because things got better or the situation just improved. Whatever the reason is, we have at so many times cheated on what we exactly wanted to do. I’ve written posts during bad phases, extremely happy and neutral phases of my life but also ended up ditching it during the same.

Not to worry, it is okay. You are not bound to always keep having to prove yourself for the sake of content or activity. You could take a break from your media and really live for a while. Not to deny, sometimes losing yourself in this vast world of electronics and wired conversations where you actually feel heard or cared for does transcend you to a better life at times but at the cost of what? So do not worry if people are mad at you for not keeping them updated. This life is yours and your way of living it is a choice, On or Off any social media. Your temporary death in this world of media unless is harming you much should stay adopted in you for as long as you wish .

Stay happy and do what you wish, not everyone needs to know. Keep Cheating .

Have a good night.


Have you ever written something that you could not put up?

To begin with , we all know why each one of us is here.

Some like to write, read or analyze and critically appreciate. However, we all do seem like little tiny identical objects floating in the same water. As I was going through my drafts, I came across a several things that I have not yet posted and to be very honest, I cannot figure out why.

There’s just a small question in my mind that asks if there are other people or anyone of you who has something that hasn’t been put up yet despite of any reason.

It could be a fear of not reaching the level of perfection that you thought towards your piece when you thought it, could be having your writing so strong that you thought it could possibly affect somebody close or personal , could be something so ardent and impassioned that you thought it shall intimidate people and nobody would actually get the real crux of it or you are just the damn lazy ass who never freaking completed it.

Reason, a many but the result is same. I don’t know if it’s just me or there are many others with it. Do let me know.

And also since, 2017 has been coming to an end , many of you have also been requesting to do a questionnaire regarding anything you’ve ever wanted to know. For example, what’s my favorite food ? 😂 or what would I do if I had to chose between two things. Whatever comes to your mind, I will definitely answer everything in my next post linking you.

Lots of Love

#HappyHolidays. 🎊 🎈


Don’t ‘Sorry’ me

If you are not thinking of me during the mistake you have been making. If your conscience is not shattering your inner self or your shadows not showing your reality ,

If you ONLY feel guilt when you are alone within four dark walls without me by your side and not in your proper consciousness,

If your heart does not slam you each time you are about the repeat the same mistake or your brain shows no warning,

If your fingers do not shiver when you type for me or your eyes don’t choke,

If you feel sorry is just another word meant to be said and it is not the emotion that is tearing through your guts and building your tear blocks ,

And lastly,

If it is not meant to be genuine but like erasing your mistake to create space for better ones.

Then, Do NOT ‘SORRY’ Me 😌

If I’ve come this far, I shall pretty much be able to handle whatever’s next.


When I Re-read those pages.

I tell you here , there is no denial

I sat on a heavy night as fight in my trials.

Weaving many things together for a conclusion,

The one I couldn’t reach, maybe for a lack of reason.

I heaved a sigh and looked up ,

My eyes fall on the hardbound brown diary sitting on the shelf right on the top.

Opening it again ,I felt was a must

As what it collected was much more than dust.

I went through the pages, that feeling I couldn’t help,

as the pages rolled, the fight within felt closer to myself.

I read, I understood and embraced my motive that had started to fade,

Emotions and pain, for which I had the diary made.

One more thing yet again I discovered,

I already knew where I stood in everyone’s life,

This night,

I knew it better. 😌


You don’t need a vacation.

Use your expensive shower gel that has been in the corner but is avoided every day due to the ‘quick shower , running late ‘ routine .

That favourite restaurant of yours? that you haven’t visited with your beloved due to hectic schedule , is desperate to see your face.

Your adventure backpack and sport shoes have become best friends talking about how much they need to go out.

The gram flour and lemon have almost resisted themselves from any curry to be the part of your crazy D.I.Y’s.

Your house is giving you every signal with the cobwebs and dust wanting you to understand it also needs some attention.

Probably ,

Your phone is tired of being held,

That laptop heated with workload,

And your mind flowing with stress .

But you don’t exactly need a vacation, you just need a break.

Don’t be afraid to take it.

Do share with me, what you do.


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