A post for the ‘Anonymous’

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Once during a hearty conversation with one of the fellow blogger, I was told by her that most of her social media handles are anonymous as she posts more about her writing and pictures of things she takes .

And on another day one more fellow blogger tells me how people should stop being anonymous and fake and come out to the world instead.

I choose to differ because I believe in anonymity. Everyone has reasons, the first reason is always ‘I don’t want so and so person to read this and know who I am’ , trust me they are doing a favour. Some simply do not want to be noticed because that’s how they are ‘Spotlights are not the best for everyone’ . Clearly there is a difference between being anonymous and being fake.

Lastly, there are so many things we purposely do not communicate or writings and feelings that many have not seen, In that way

Aren’t we all a little anonymous?

Let me know


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  1. I was around when anonymity was synonymous with online/internet. I liked those days w/out my picture on display…Much rather under the cloak and dagger…not fear of whom might read but the fact of who I be….There, in my opinion, NO TRUE anonymity anymore…so many search engines and pay programs that you can trace/track down ANYONE and ANYTHING you want. I miss the “old day” of online…..I’m a hermit by nature and like it that way….that’s why I’ve closed down ANY social media sites I had belonged to. It’s been over 3 months & I can truly say…..I wouldn’t have it any other way (realizing the creativity it sucked away, the time that it’d consume, the entertainment just a click away…is destructive in many man ways) ::not sure how valid, I watched a documentary saying there has been a 60% increase in teen suicides in the past 10 yrs since social media has blossomed….how many more souls will it consume??? (end of my rant) thank you for posting this….enjoyed it very much of a share!! Much Love πŸ˜‰

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    1. I belong to the era where social media is everything. It has taken complete precedence over your life but I guess I must be the only fish in the sea that feels differently. I used have a lot of other social media handles which I have since the past one month deactivated. Initially it was for testing my own limits, to check if I could do without it and guess what, I’ve never felt this livelier and cheerful.
      I am more productive than ever. I get my work done and not a single part of me misses a thing about having to post a picture or thinking about what others are doing. In fact I am enjoying this detox a lot more than I had thought.
      Then we have a WordPress which is a community is so positive. I think this is the best place I could be.
      Thank you for you time.

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      1. All my years, I fathomed not a pet-peeve of any other person because we are “human” and all to err & get irritated from time to time….YET….Yes, here comes the BUT…..When, (not often) I am watching a movie & the little blips, dings, and songs… & the screenshot to show excerpts of conversations/communications going on in “TEXT”….umm….it truly bothers me…..Pet-peeves are obsolete….this I get….YET….I can not stand how normalized it’s getting. My eldest child (27) told me the other day….Gosh Mom, people think you’ve dead if you aren’t on social media….My response? …..it’s better this way & you should try it someday πŸ˜‰

        Matrix of the mind’s time online…….I wish more would unplug….

        I’m tickled, to find, you have also found the relief of logging off!!! Much Love!

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  2. Gary j (steele) is my real name, all poetry from my heart for whatever that means. All artwork is original and mine. I am quite old, have nothing to hide and am not afraid to share my pain, observation and love of the natural world.

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      1. I am very happy you feel glad it is possible I will keep writing
        am very happy you feel glad it is possible I will keep writing I
        very happy you feel glad it is possible I will keep writing I am
        imagine a smiling face now if you wish…


  3. For some, being anonymous is about being more real (rather than fake)… because that’s when the real you and your real feelings and thoughts are put out for others to read without any inhibition or fear of any judgements…..

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  4. There always exists that bridge of anonymity, which is something that separates personal and professional life. And that’s mandatory to maintain because without it being there, emotions do cover up our creativity. Keep writing!


  5. I think to be public or to be anonymous or any combination of the two is entirely down to personality type. Some people are more naturally egregious and others are more private. Both are good. Both have their place.

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  6. I am an open book. Nothing to hide. No fear of being β€œfound out.” But others feel differently for as many reasons as there are people out there. I say, β€œTo each his/her own.”


  7. I love to come out to the limelight. Because in my place, and generally, people that want to claim animosity are mostly evil perpetrators. So as bloggers, if we are doing good, and I think that’s what we do. Let them know us. Notwithstanding, I do not go against your principle because of some good reasons.

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