Why I never did a Book Review.

Clearing the air.

I get a lot of questions regarding and about how doing Book Reviews could help you gain audience.

I’m sure every avid reader has that one popular book they did not like.

I think everyone keeps a taste for several things and I’d read a book only to appreciate it more.

Having social media accounts entitling you to show your passion does not have to link you to follow conventional things.

We all have different tastes.

Even though book reviews help a lot you cannot rely on them .

After all, it’s a personal choice.

I’m definitely going to recommend when it comes to it but making separate sections for reviews, let’s rest on that now.



2 Replies to “Why I never did a Book Review.”

  1. Good point. Books and how you feel about them, very personal and not everyone agrees.
    I don’t do many reviews and never in my blog. If I read something I feel deserves a gold star, I’ll leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon.

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