What is fine?

(Picture : self)

I fall and scatter so many times,

I’m struggling to make this rhyme.

I sit in dark rooms and closed doors,

A little too attached to cold hard floors.

I feel absence ,

I also crave distance .

I’m trying to get this together,

A little something to make me feel better.

My favorite book in front of me,

My mind running in some garden, in those trees.

I’m trying to leave a mark,

But isn’t this night unusually dark?

I’m needing this motion, needing the heart,

Just how it was so fearless from the start.

I’m sitting by the window ; watching it rain ,

It’s fully open, this wooden pane.

Maybe I had some plans, I was supposed to dine.

I’m just chilling by the air, I know I will be fine.


Let me know if it’s okay to cancel on everything so you can have this time for yourself . To for a moment believe that it’s going to be okay. Maybe not now but eventually.

7 thoughts on “What is fine?

Add yours

  1. I think it is perfectly alright to have some time for oneself even if that means cancelling on everything πŸ™‚
    And thank you so much for chancing upon my blog.

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