Whatever you planned, is not going to happen.

My motive was not to scare you.

But putting forward a fact that is to most degrees, universal.

I’m usually the one to believe in signs and what a particular incident or situation is trying to tell me. But, we fall back and please let’s just admit that we all do .

To make things a bit more specific let me break the bread here : You know how on some nights you are so excited about certain things to happen to you and have imaginary scenarios playing in your head like LA LA Land ? But instead what really happened was nothing or every plan getting cancelled? OR Days when you thought nothing is ever going to happen that could possibly lift your spirits and you might as well be a lizard on somebody’s wall but something so good happens you doubt how that ever happened to you.

Not just with plannings , events or situations but in the larger picture, most of the time whatever you planned is not going to happen.

And let that not dishearten you because trust me for a second when I say this, something worse or better could happen to you but that’s what is going to matter ahead when you connect the dots. Maybe sometime later you shall say, ‘ Now I understand what happened and why and maybe back then it was the best thing that could have happened to me ‘

(Speaking from personal experiences : Wayyyy tooooooo manyyy)

If things aren’t going your way, Patience sounds like the least thing in the world one would want to resort to buy hold up people, it’s coming!

Good Morning!


Recovering a bit from all the cold and soreness I suffered.

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