There is no end, is it?

We begin to rise and tend to fall twice.

If this is a theory, I need wikipedia to explain me why ?

I need to know if the things move in circles. All that in our actions we do. Few days at a stretch I’m in my bests feeling nothing could ever go wrong, that I shall not submit and be the best of me.

The other moment I’m standing right in front of something unable to do what I know I exactly should be doing and NO, it is not depression.

I’m not depressed. I believe we humans are designed to have it this way . To be a ten and a zero all at once.

If you think there is an end, there isn’t.

16 thoughts on “There is no end, is it?

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  1. The universe operates in cycles. All things come full circle only to do it over and over. I love how you’ve approached this.

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  2. They say they’re are no ends, just new beginnings. That’s why they always say there’s room for improvement, go the extra mile because it’s less crowded there, and if you can look up then you can get up. There is no stopping.


  3. Very true. It’s a rollercoaster typo thing. Yes there’s no end, it’s all in circles of emotion. One person’s ten another person’s zero. It’s life. It’s inevitable.


  4. As poetryfromtheinkwell has already noted, the universe moves in cycles. Linearity is an illusion. It’s important to remember this during our down periods: eventually things will improve. The trick is to not lose hope, and NEVER stop trying to make things better.


  5. There was a very twee pop song in the early seventies called the Rhythm of Life which gave hints at the swirl of everything, yes, there is no end, it is what it is.


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