A Birthday.

Did a cake and chocolate just cross your mind?

Resssst your brain.

According to IST 12.00 am on June 27 , 2018 . I turn 21. Not too sure if it’s the age’s maturity OR having had enough of cakes since the past 20 years , a cake was the last thing I would look for on a birthday.

Moving on to celebration, I do not believe in particular occasions cause for me any time with your friends and family that you feel loved and blessed, is one. Given that some of my best buddies live outstation making us meet occasionaly and was a feeling I was not ready to welcome.

However, this time , I tried to do something for myself. I tried breaking the shackles of restriction. I decided on having to meet some pals,make some friends and try having a good day. After all, personal growth is something my people would have loved. Isn’t it?

To sum it up , I received some beautiful letters as night from my best friend who stays away. She has been writing since quite the beginning of the month. How beautiful it is to have someone make 5 minutes of their day for you so they know you’re doing good. These are things not to be taken for granted and for a moment , someone wishing and praying for you could be the reason you’re even alive.

Please be grateful for whatever you have and learn to move from whatever you’ve ever lost.

Also, if you ever feel that nobody loves you, wait till your birthday. πŸ˜‚

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