This Indian Summer

When I say summer, please think of holidays.

It’s blazing heat in here.

All Indians , you know what I’m talking about.

We have always pictured our summers with, Fat fleshy mangoes & Round red looking watermelons , staying indoors and sipping in ‘Glucon D’ ( the Indian drink for glucose) , heavy evening winds with a densely setting sun , let’s not forget the ‘Nimbu -Paani’ ( Lemonade ) ft. increasing love and familiarity with Amul (Ice Creams and Drinks) . If you cannot relate, is Atlanta your home?

When we were younger, we just had the so called ‘pressure’ of having to complete the Holiday Homework’s. But as you grow, you know life does not stop for you and HOLIDAYS (equals) Some more isolation , Looking at other people on vacation and trying to think what sin in your previous birth makes you sit here , doubled up procrastination and the kind of sleep that exhausts you more, unexpected unhealthy food binges and the not so confident mirror experience.

Here’s what you can do and a few things I’m willing to / have started doing.

  • First things things. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING.
  • Delete what makes you unhappy or threatens your mental peace. (I’m off instagram and facebook already)
  • Have you tried YouTube? ( discover what you love, get some motivation or just watch a cute puppy dammit.)
  • Try something new. Sounds strange but I’ve been doodling since a few days and believe it or not, I enjoy it!! I’m also thinking to start baking (I mean what better if your hard work gives sweet results). There is never the right moment to begin something so just attack.
  • Go out and by that I do not mean bottoms up with vodka or whisky or whatever (once in a while doesn’t hurt though.) but when I say go out , it means move that lazy ass out of that couch and take in the breeze. It’s beautiful in the evenings anyway.
  • Set goals and achieve them. Again, not goals like ‘ I shall become the CEO with the hottest body ‘ but goals that are minimal efficient and that can be achieved. Goals like, 10 books this summer, learn a new language or emit junk and go green .Anything that helps you grow needs your attention.

Whatever you do , be productive. I’m glad to rise and to realise and figure out what I need to do and trying to maintain it.

Do remember, you do not have to be hard on yourself (any season, any day) It’s your body, let it breathe.

The key to a good life lies in keeping yourself busy ( even if you’re trying to set a record of sleeping) For once, trust me. Have a nice Indian Summer.

(that reminds me that there’s a movie called Indian Summer, which I’m yet to watch. I’m trying to watch one movie everyday so spare me , it’s movie time.)

Enjoy ❤


19 thoughts on “This Indian Summer

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  1. Indian Summer is becoming more hotter each year now , so important to take care of your health and enjoy holidays inside the home mostly 😉. Except if you are travelling to any hill stations…..


  2. Hello Swosti Das I enjoyed the part about setting goals even in the heat of summer time. I have a few goals to achieve this summer. One is get my heart healthy again since my two surgeries this year on it. It works and needs time off. I made a goal to write on my new book each day but have failed a little. I hate pain. My other goal is keep writing my blog posts on a regular basis I was doing them everyday. I have these set already. Have a great enjoyable summer everyone


  3. Litchi! Oh, you missed Litchi from your list ❤ You have described the summer of my childhood in this post 🙂


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