From the eyes of a mother.

From a Mother’s Diary

Today I went by her room,
The one that she had filled much with darkness and gloom.
Her curtains drawn closed and tact,
From when has she been falling apart?
She spoke to me of things and places,
A battlefield, her mind was full of sad traces.
Her pillow was stained, her bed not neat ;
What possibly made her ever feel this incomplete?
I could see her pain, I could feel her burn
I’ve watched the rain, wishing to be the sun.
I knew not why, the mothers heart made of what ,
The pain in her nerves, the roar through her guts.
Lose pages scattered everywhere,
Some filled with dreams, others with nightmares.
I wished to make out, what she has been feeling
To pray for her strength and for her healing .
I wish her pains could be mine in a twirl,
She was born from my womb, my baby girl.

-Swosti Das

Your mother, your sister or your wife.

Having a girl in your life is very precious. Protect her, Respect her and Love her.

13 thoughts on “From the eyes of a mother.

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  1. This was just so heart touching!! The emotions and feelings described felt so apt and the way you ended it was really appreciation worthy!!👏👏💜💜✨✨

    Liked by 2 people

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