Excerpts from a Non-Astrologer.

Astrologer, If you belong to the holy land of India, it is almost 95 % that you have understood what this means. Not that someone not from here doesn’t. It’s just that if you are born in India, you are deeply rooted with *atleast* the idea of spiritual awakening , Reincarnation or Rebirth, Karma and the importance of 4am holy baths in sacred rivers, keeping a fast on holy festivals and of course, how our god’s require tons of milk and flower to be showered on them. ( to satisfy them and maintain the uninterrupted flow of their blessings on us )

It all boils down to one thing. FEAR. The human race unintentionally fears everything.

Ever came across a perfect business marketing technique ? How to sell a product ? The answer is quite simple, Create a crisis. Make the consumer feel the need of it. Poor us humans for the sake of efficiency also get trapped. Not to deny I am amongst them and so are you. Tell someone they need to look fair for a personality and sell them a fairness product. Tell someone they’d look better with a slimmer waist, Slim Sauna Belt. Yes.

Not just for business but all our daily emotionic transactions also take place in the band of this crisis theory. Feel less important in someones life ? threaten them of leaving.Want a person to be with you for as of your wishes ? Just rub and slice through them emotionally. Create a crisis of your place. But I wasn’t really speaking about Marketing Techniques in life right?

That is how Religion works in still so many places. The problem is we fear the things we feel we have no access to, we find solutions in everything and most of the time, it isn’t our fault. We are born with defense mechanism to shield our not only physical but mental and emotional state of being. Probably that! Is why we see hopes in astrologers OR anyone who shows promises to make our lives better or at least the thought of it.

Having said that, I am not trying to offend any Astrologer OR anybody’s profession . The main purpose to put this up was to bring in forward a few ideas or thoughts of mine completely admitting that I am no Astrologer, Psychiatric, Card reader or healer but I have seen and felt a few things that needs to come up.

Lately, quite a lot of things have been happening in my life, to the contrary it does feel as if this life of mine still got no motion. Being a private person as I am, I do not know if I can really talk about every issue and fail to differentiate if it is worth discussing about. However, to swipe the fresh creme above the cake and to brief it, there has been a lot. There is this book I completed reading today that I strongly recommend as a must read which shall not be discussed here to prevent straying away from the topic.

One thing you will learn is how everything has a consequence, every action and situation that life puts you at is made to bring you through and also that each and every incident happening today is trying to tell you something and perhaps is an indication of something. Understanding what could be learnt from it is what makes us grow. All these little and big things in our life matter. Everything Matters. Hence, this my friend I’d say is a battlefield nobody really wins or looses. We grind and fall but still try and stand tall . That is what makes us all warriors of time. Religion is no cure but a pacifier to the burn within. It should not be mistaken for anything that takes place overnight but a process.

I am no-one extra but one amongst all of you and that is what brings me closer to each of your soul’s treachery. I confide and my staple are the same things as yours. We deal with things every moment and still keep hopes to snuggle between them for peace. Hence we do not go behind anyone or anything looking for what we need .

It’s in there, right within , Look.


Hope this helps!

Good night!

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  1. Religion is the stuffed animal a child curls around in bed at night ā€” perceived safety.
    Everything we do or don’t do has a consequence. But, as you said, life is a daily battle and it’s hard to detach from that and analyze our own actions.

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