How many times have you cheated on your Social Media?

My last post on WordPress was on December 31 , 2017 as an ode to the passing year. It has been more than a month and I haven’t visited WordPress. Mistake .

We human beings no matter what, always stay in a habit. A habit of repeating the same thing and cringing about it, agree? . Well I couldn’t agree less. So many of us bloggers over here have multiple social media accounts to maintain. In the growing age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I still stand by all the lovely people out her pouring out their thoughts and supporting each other. I personally have only one Instagram working and active account and do not use anything else.

However what happens at times is that we tend to get inclined towards so many things in our lives and end up repeating it time and again. Sometimes we write a lot of stuff about a lot of things but tend to slow down, maybe because things got better or the situation just improved. Whatever the reason is, we have at so many times cheated on what we exactly wanted to do. I’ve written posts during bad phases, extremely happy and neutral phases of my life but also ended up ditching it during the same.

Not to worry, it is okay. You are not bound to always keep having to prove yourself for the sake of content or activity. You could take a break from your media and really live for a while. Not to deny, sometimes losing yourself in this vast world of electronics and wired conversations where you actually feel heard or cared for does transcend you to a better life at times but at the cost of what? So do not worry if people are mad at you for not keeping them updated. This life is yours and your way of living it is a choice, On or Off any social media. Your temporary death in this world of media unless is harming you much should stay adopted in you for as long as you wish .

Stay happy and do what you wish, not everyone needs to know. Keep Cheating .

Have a good night.


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