The perfect New Year Resolution doesn’t exist.

As we bid Adieu to 2017 , most of us have a checklist and number of things to be done in the upcoming year.

From the most popular of acquiring a gym membership to resisting desserts , from being a changed person to the promise of not taking anyone’s shit, from trying to build an another you to leaving behind every fragment of mixed feelings that has lingered around. There is something and so many things in our mind that feels the need of a start afresh.

All these years, I’ve done the same too. But I’m definitely sure how this year’s going to be the most different and maybe years after if I read this post, it shall remind me about how I sat in my cozy blanket at my place with closed windows and doors and heartfelt heavy emotions typing unstoppabley on the portable device maturely knowing the only actual thing I shall be changing from tommorow is the Calender.

However, I still hope all of you have a great year ahead. Keep going on now matter what. You deserve it.

Lots of Love,


We cross 1k followers. Thank you everyone.

# Last Post of this year .

Let the countdowns begin.

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