To the time I bled the most.

I had tripped and slipped over a stone . I was sitting on a concrete floor, a floor so hard and concrete that made you colder, I sat there with minute scratches on my elbow and other places and a heavily bleeding knee. I sat there crying for help and watched a truck loads of people pass by me . People of different colors, genders, age groups , some with files in their hands, mother’s with strollers in one hand and bags in the other, some people wandering here and there with guide maps looking lost and confused, tourists maybe. A group of teens extremely overjoyed as they seemed tossing a ball over each other. Everyone in a hurry heading to their destination barely noticing my highlighted knee. I never felt so lonely in a place full of crowd that was void of turning their pupils a little away from where they wanted to go. In the meanwhile, a little boy with a face that appeared to me unwashed and quite unkept and slight scratches on his half torn schoolbag came up to me and asked if I needed water to wash my wound. Exactly the moment, I woke up from my dream with a sudden stroke.

I failed to make out what bled more, My knee or my heart ? 😌

This world a place of known strangers. Let me know your views.

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  1. Guide maps? So, your dream was set in the past (no cellphones). Dreams tend to have these strange twists. Based on my basic knowledge of dream interpretation, you either may have experienced some pain and the boy in your dream alleviated it to protect your sleep, or you have a fear of feeling alone and being invisible within a crowd of strangers.
    Feeling invisible in a crowd is our reality …and it is disheartening…
    The latent content may be that the one who is reaching out to you might be to you the most unlikely person.


    1. I’m there is no actual sequence when it comes to dreams. It could be anything and everything. But you completely got me right about how I must have a fear of either being alone or feeling alone in a crowd. That is my biggest fear and unlikely to anybody, I am someone who would love company and happiness . I feel I will be left out . This dream to be true , totally reflects some part of my pain . 😌

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