Don’t ‘Sorry’ me

If you are not thinking of me during the mistake you have been making. If your conscience is not shattering your inner self or your shadows not showing your reality ,

If you ONLY feel guilt when you are alone within four dark walls without me by your side and not in your proper consciousness,

If your heart does not slam you each time you are about the repeat the same mistake or your brain shows no warning,

If your fingers do not shiver when you type for me or your eyes don’t choke,

If you feel sorry is just another word meant to be said and it is not the emotion that is tearing through your guts and building your tear blocks ,

And lastly,

If it is not meant to be genuine but like erasing your mistake to create space for better ones.

Then, Do NOT ‘SORRY’ Me 😌

If I’ve come this far, I shall pretty much be able to handle whatever’s next.


2 thoughts on “Don’t ‘Sorry’ me

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  1. Someone feels nothing until they’re alone, they don’t deserve you, Swosti. Someone who feels you all the time, even when you’re apart, that’s who you need. 🙂


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