My Scarlet Letter

I , from this very moment, not any more drop a single weep casting any regret. I don’t no more hover in the streets of nowhere and pitch my best to what’s next. I understand that there isn’t any scope for a human being in my life who roots to unwillingness . I will not pressurize my mind & soul to drown in the intensity of any situation that is a threat to my stability and well being . The same butter that melts on high temperatures also hardens strong enough to break down when all the chills are upon it. No freckle on my body says it’s ashamed of itself & no flaw an imperfection. I will let mistakes teach me but not stop me. My heart that has been in places where it could not get owned & places where it did not want to be owned. My heart and mind however , at the end of the day should not by me , disowned. Not every pain was a necessary display or every smile ,a real one but every intention , gentle and pure. Pride and esteem never wore a costume & how little sweeps have covered every inch of the bathroom. If a flower appears dead to me, I will approach a garden but never get comfortable with the state of not trying. My blood cold towards injustice and water to discontentment. But after every day, I will remind this to myself. My pain letter didn’t have to be the one describing every hurt but it had to show how getting hurt is still easy and overcoming phase is worse. My prayers to anyone and everyone going through anything in their lives. It shall pass. This was my Scarlet Letter, my shade of pain.


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