When I Re-read those pages.

I tell you here , there is no denial

I sat on a heavy night as fight in my trials.

Weaving many things together for a conclusion,

The one I couldn’t reach, maybe for a lack of reason.

I heaved a sigh and looked up ,

My eyes fall on the hardbound brown diary sitting on the shelf right on the top.

Opening it again ,I felt was a must

As what it collected was much more than dust.

I went through the pages, that feeling I couldn’t help,

as the pages rolled, the fight within felt closer to myself.

I read, I understood and embraced my motive that had started to fade,

Emotions and pain, for which I had the diary made.

One more thing yet again I discovered,

I already knew where I stood in everyone’s life,

This night,

I knew it better. 😌


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