We’ve all had our share of days where nothing feels right, nothing goes right. These black dates are one of those kind of dates that drags us,  our self esteem and happiness down. 

As an artist, your whole life shall be devoted in finding the right inspiration or the right word but you just wouldn’t. I could just scroll through my drafts to a number of unfinished work waiting to be published but all I want to put up shall probably be something I haven’t written before. But in one of these days,  I just wouldn’t get the motivation. 

My words convert into blank spaces and the heavy jamming  clogs my thoughts.Maybe I need the motivation everyone keeps looking for and maybe it’s too away from me.  I guess we all stay unmotivated at times. 

I guess it’s okay. Is it?  

I would love to know if anyone else feels the same too. 🙂



22 Replies to “Unmotivated. ”

  1. Yes, there are down days. We can’t be ‘on’ all the time. I had one really bad patch recently but I checked out my biorhythms and I could see I was just at a bad time. I took a few days to take care of some other things, and although the practical problems had not gone away, I was much more able to tackle them.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about the bad times . Sometimes we go through such rough phases and also acutely numb phases where no matter how hard we try , our mind fails to cooperate. But to work in sync. with it and continue doing what we do best is the way to reward ourselves. That’s very important. Thank you for reading .

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  2. Perfectly ok to have unmotivated days, sometimes it’s just the mind and body telling your system to have a break, we’re only human !! Turn these days towards other positive outlets and enjoy the relax, exactly what your subconscious is wanting you to do……

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  3. There are days that are meant for binge watching and ice cream 🙂
    While you are beating yourself up for wasting time and not getting anything done, your mind is working in the background, brewing thoughts, connecting concepts … nascent motivation.


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