You don’t know her. 


To everyone who didn’t know,  

A girl whom you meet with the brightest smile has woken up with heavy dreams that pull her down,  she jumps on the puddle of rain water to mask the mud getting fuller in her, her aura looks like a million bucks but she counts her worth in pennies , her hate so prominent but that love inside sees no conditions , her mascara rolls on her lashes and dries on her cheeks ,night by night,  every night. She might be right next you but you don’t know her. 

To every lady reading this, don’t consider ‘know your worth underrated’ 

To every man reading this, any woman in your life is a blessing, look deep within and beyond all her imperfections. 


Also,  we are so close to 1K in such a less time. Once it’s done, as requested by a many of you,  I shall do a post regarding myself and if there is anything you want to know about them let me know,  shall put it in the next post. 

Sweet dreams all. 


4 Replies to “You don’t know her. ”

    1. Yes. I would still agree. My main objective here was to put out anyone who is having a fight within but keeps going on. It’s how we sometimes miss out the details on people and tend to judge them or a particular action or quality.
      However, I ended up making this content more subjective by putting in myself in it. I guess it just happened with the flow.
      In any way, a man or a girl
      I shall agree with it.

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