#Quiescentlistener Talks (2)

On How much for granted you take your shelter ? 

By shelter I hereby intend it to be anything that protects,  safeguards you,  keeps you within itself. It could be your home,  a place,  an object or a human. Let me make this very brief and short. 

I’ve had true instances in my life where I’ve people coming to me for very smallest issues in their life in a hope for a solution or an advice and I truly don’t see a problem there. (swear)  but then, you keep coming with the same issue again and again committing the same mistake while knowing I shall have the same thing to say, then Dear People,  *You’re annoying me* 

Honestly,  it doesn’t matter to me what you do in your life no matter how close you are to me unless you’re doing something wrong. It’s your life and you have the liberty to do whatever the wish you have unless you’re putting a trouble in front of me and asking for help and then repeating the same mistake again. You see what you’re doing to your shelter. Let’s just forget anybody or any place as it and just consider yourself and your own soul as your inner being of shelter cause let’s just face the fact that no matter how many people you’ve got in your life or how many people love you to death , at the end of every night and beginning of every dawn, it’s only you by yourself and nothing can change that. 

So you might cheat on me or any freaking body but in the darkness, your own pleasurably beautiful mistakes will drown you. So do not do the mistake to cheat your shelter. Your eternity is fading and some strong power watches that. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 



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