Why are writers dangerous ? (Pt-II) 

If you haven’t read (Part-I) Here’s the link. 


I will sneak inside your dark soul and live there until I find you a purpose to live in this world. 

It will not matter to me which places you have gone but how much you have lived. 

I will draw inspiration from your half sleepy eyes and carve a canvas out of it. 

I will settle in every layer and fold of your fears to encourage your encounters. 

Your blood will get thicker each time my thoughts are covered into words. 

You will not understand or realise how deep you will fall for my words and the shallow void that will create in itself. 

But you don’t know while you’re reading about my ink spills,  
You don’t know, I’ve trapped you already .

I’m dangerous. 

How many of you are?  



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