Have you ever felt a love so deep?  

A small intro here about the Indian Mythology that depicts the true and unrequited love of the chakor(a bird) (In English : Chukar Partridge)  for the moon . 

The kind of love between them where the moon makes her light reach everywhere with her luminous rays but is out of the birds reach who however waits for the day to come closer to the moon someday and counts on her. 

Image Source : Behance
High it flies, 
To return rough and dry. 

Holds a love so Unrequited and Intense , 

For even the moon fails to unmark it’s presence. 

It starves to touch her someday,  

but feeds on her rays. 

In love with the moon,  

Even when it knows she’s out of reach, 

It has grown immensely patient and lost all sleep , 

Also,  have you ever felt a love so deep?  



12 Replies to “Have you ever felt a love so deep?  ”

    1. The story holds a great significance in the ainduan mythology for love that is unrequited yet so so pure . I knew a little bit about it but was talking to my mother yesterday about this and thought of putting it up to share it . Thank you for reading .

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