Bad Liar

You have masked insecurities , 

but all you put forward is maturity. 

Your face shows no regret,  

but you’re heart is in a constant threat. 

Your arms seem open to every possibility, 

So how often do you dig your vulnerabilities ?

How your eyes beam reading shallow poetry 

But how weariness reflects in your soul’s geometry. 

Your display of faith so strong and nothing is what you require,  

Oh my girl,  You’re such a bad liar. 🙂 

(It’s completely fine to be downhill for days together,  to not be able to give,  to not feel like it or to not try to make ends meet . Just stop lying to yourself and accept everything the way it is. The biggest harm one could do is not being true to yourself.)  

Keep Loving, Stop Self -Lying.

@quiescentlistener .


13 Replies to “Bad Liar”

  1. True words have never been spoken, sounds like you read my mind! Wonderfully written. Artist use lies to expose the truth while politicians use them to cover the truth up. 😁. ~V~


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