#Quiescentlistener Talks (1)

On ‘Why Expectations Hurt us ? “

Nor one of my other poems or structured writings neither happy posts with any rhyming. (Well that was an unintended rhyme)  

So basically I’m using up this blank space today to talk or discuss about something or just a random rant sort of thing based on what I face on a daily basis and how it has helped me learn something higher than this.

So an acquaintance of mine from a random chat of ours tells me a few things about expectations and stuff like that. 

Somehow,  the situation she was in and based on how she took ‘Expectations’ to be , something just strikes me so well about it is that ; 

We as human beings overestimate ‘Expectations‘ so much that it blinds our possiblity of rightness. We sometimes actually expect illogical things and blame it all on life or the person for having not being able to reach it. 

For example,  we cannot give a chocolate to a child and expect him to share it with us. That shall be great and a different thing if he offers you some and that shall be too our surprise. 

As every person you meet in this earth has a sad story to tell and is the innocent one in their story but how come you never met the villain?  Never met the person who played the wrong in their story?  Cause none is wrong to themselves and whatever we do is right for us,  Our hopes,  Our Considerations , Our Expectations. So even expectations  have their  limits and if designated beyond that shall put you down,  Everytime. Probably something we need to understand. 

So mostly and not always that is I say that only sometimes  it’s the expectations that have reached illegit limits which should not be digged. 

So the next time you say ‘Expectations Hurt’ Ask yourself one time if the one you wanted for was true and justified enough to be fulfilled?  

That’s all for today. 

Thank you for reading. 

Let me know if there is anything else we could discuss. 



12 Replies to “#Quiescentlistener Talks (1)”

  1. True…maybe it’s not life or people who are so terrible, but our expectations of both that are too high.
    If you expect to be happy 24/7 then you’re going to be disappointed a lot because happiness is a fleeting joy not an automatic constant.

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  2. I was once told: expectations only lead to disappointment. At the time, this made me angry (it came from a counselor who was supposed to be siding with me!) ha. But, looking back. It’s so true. Very rarely do our expectations get met. It does only leave us disappointed when they don’t happen.


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