I don’t know how many of you shall bash me for this but I’m not much of a follower of a filmstar or a model or human’s who have achieved the ‘celebrity tag’ by roasting each other for publicity. I have just not felt that I could read four quotes from an Oscar winning actor or an actress or watch a model’s perfect romantic dinner dates with her Beau and judge their goodness and humanity over it . However,  it’s not like I don’t fangirl a musician whose voice I love or an artist whose work I appreciate , even I look at beautiful models doing their best in their careers and also when i watch them wearing something really good that I wished for myself.

 The basic idea underlining is that the tally of my respect and love lies more for the people I come across on a daily basis and have had the opportunity to observe them rather than those whom I haven’t. It just is never going to exceed that. 

Image Courtesy : That’s a picture of one of the cutest thing’s I’ve received today from a sweet little soul.

If you are struggling between your messed up life and still wait for your mother’s smile, 

When your kite doesn’t fly but you know it will and believe in the skies , 

You don’t know what a kitchen looks like but you google your dad’s favorite sweet recipe for his birthday ,

You travel miles of distance for your work and education in the hope of a better tomorrow,  

The love inside you is so abundant that hatred never found a spot,  

Then you my friend , 

Are a Hero and Yes!  You Inspire Me.



21 Replies to “Heroes. ”

  1. I don’t follow the ‘stars’ either … I have no desire to know what they said or what they had for breakfast 🙂 They’re just humans after all. But Yes, friendships with beautiful people are worth so much more.
    Nice post 🙂

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  2. A very sweet and lovely post with truth to it which is much harder than perhaps even you can realise. It my (old :-/ ) age, I can see much truth in what you say – life is a hard battle and ‘hero’ is right…


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