What I didn’t ask for 

Image Courtesy : That’s the best part of my room, a picture me kissing my best friend. 

It is one of rare and random cases you wake up to a surprise or rather I would name,  a blessing. Each and every thing in the picture is what I received today morning. (No, it’s not my birthday)  but someone who wants to show love need not a day for it. 

I am currently flowing through one of the times in my life and everyday I wake up with the thought that it’s just another day,  just another week and a few more days shall be just another month. It is when I feel like the least dust particle on the inside of a helium balloon , I receive something that widened my soul. The kind of widening that sees no shrink. 

To my best friend,  

She has no idea how this made me feel. Probably if I would have received this on my birthday,  it would have been just another gift. However,  god had his plans and he kept this for later cus he just knows when and what we will be needing the most and she probably is the first person on earth to have written me letters. 

Few things I crave for will be Effort. 

* Write a small letter 

*Let someone know why you love them. 

* Cook something for someone 

*Dedicate them a song 

It works magically , at least for me it does matter a lot and I don’t want to thank her for all this. 

I’ve thanked her all my life for other things,  maybe my thank you shall be visible in my actions. Don’t just say thank you,  make it visible in your actions. And I definitely would always try my best to make her ‘show off me’ 

Just like I say,  Best things in life aren’t the one you asked for :’) 


Your Baby Girl ❤



14 Replies to “What I didn’t ask for ”

    1. In this world of Texts and calls, some of us have kept this alive, writing a letter for me and my friend hasn’t just been a thing, but a feeling. But back then those day where waiting amd living off a letter was everything, truly miss them 🙂

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  1. Lovely post, I really do understand how you feel with these surprise gifts lightening your day. It is great as are
    real penned letters. I still send some of those in spite of e-mails and texts.
    To light a smile on someone’s face is precious.

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