Let the Light’s Guide You Home ✴✳

Image Courtesy :Own Window Pane.

Overtly Deserts ,  Crowded Minds

Been through it a hundred times. 

Deep dense forests,  uncluttered awhile,  

Walk of a thousand miles. 

Keep crossing endangered wilds,  

To every sleepless night. 

A turn I’m yet to decide ,

Weather a left or a right.

From a tunnel,  flickered a light. 

Just one last time,  

I wisper to myself in an undertone 

Honey,  let those lights guide you home. 
(A little clarification in case my readers are wondering then I’m just as well comparing this little life’s journey of mine as well as a one traveller travelling through the harsh and rough conditions however still clinging to little of light as its hope. Always,  Always cling to the last piece of hope and never let anything put you out of your way.) 



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