To those unfinished dreams.

To dream is a feel,  

But some Unfinished,  Unhappened

Dreams put us down

Pats us low ,

Breaks our crown 

In the course of time we still never

Stop dreaming,  

We just stop believing in them. 

(Have you felt like it too?  )


8 Replies to “To those unfinished dreams.”

  1. I believe there is a good reason behind the fact that not all dreams get realised and we get setbacks in life
    1 It builds resilience
    2 Makes us empathetic towards others
    3 Makes us humble
    4 Creates discontent and we strive to move ahead.
    If we would be too comfortable in our place, we won’t try to do much in life, it happens to give us that push to achieve something meaningful.

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