Writer or Type(Writer) ?

We are all in this because we love to write and we love to throw emotions verbally. Very cautiously we are also aware about the rapidness of evolving technology.

I can’t explain if it was a random thought that striked my mind or a reality taking time to digest. 

How many of us are Writing or Just ‘Type’ Writing. 

I think I’m doing bit of both. 

Do share your views.  πŸ™‚


42 Replies to “Writer or Type(Writer) ?”

  1. ..are required than laptop. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Probably you have checked my old blog which I have migrated to tuneupsuccess.com self hosted. If you want then may visit once. Your valuable feedback will be inspiration for me.

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  2. Hello quiescentlistener, Good idea! But I’d prefer not to go by the literal meaning of the expressions. I try simply to express what goes on in my mind, collecting, composing it, giving it a presentable shape and post. Then at leisure, sometimes I wonder ” Was this really written/type-written by me?” Amazing, isn’t it?

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    1. Absolutely that my point ! The main reason behind writing shall be the expression of thoughts. However it is really really ironical to have typed it instead of actually writing it. What’s to blame? πŸ˜‚


  3. Writing is an art.
    It’s a gift 🎁 of God.
    Saraswati is the Goddess of art in Indian mythology.
    Nowadays most writers use the type writer to follow the trend, also when pressured by publishers.
    However I believe there is God in modern technology. To type we still need the fingers of the hands and the gift 🎁 of God is in the hands of all artists not only writers πŸ“š

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  4. Although I carry a notebook and a pen with me, my words are mainly preserved through a keyboard. The photo I use comes from my phone’s camera and the audio file through a microphone. Ultimately it is all about words that we understand through speaking them. We have more options today to preserve those spoken words than people did in the past.

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  5. Thanks for bringing this up of course we are all, at least a big chunk of us are (type)+writing .. I lean on the writing side more now. It’s really not whether you write or typewrite..if write is at the end of it.. I would choose a diary and a pen anyday over the slimmest and most shiny gadget ever..

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  6. I think Type-Writing has a huge benefit of freeing up our hands so that our minds can flow. Sometimes, I find that if I just type, thoughts appear when I wasn’t even planning them.
    I still like to use a pen to write – there is something very therapeutic about the feel of the pen-tip on paper.

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    1. Absolutely. The other day it was raining and the weather too beautiful. Just the type of setting that mostly brings a mood in writing and sitting next to the window pane, I picked my phone to open it’s notes and put down the thoughts gushing in my mind while right in front of me was a notepad and a pen. Irony?

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    1. That’s the same with me. Previously I used to own a diary to put in every little thing that came to mind. However, with extreme digitalization that habit of using a pen to write down on a paper has lessened down so much. Even though I still feel that there is something so magical about having to write down than just typing it. Isn’t so?

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  7. It took me a long time to learn to write direct from the keyboard. It just didn’t feel right. I do use it most of the time now, but sometimes, I just need the organic feel of a pen and paper πŸ™‚

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  8. I am deeply moved by your expression. Thankyou for looking at my stuff. You are a gift to this world. But my words are little for I am nothing, but in my world, nothing is everything… peace and love to you and yours.

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