Never again you will have to ask. 

She never wanted to know,  what one could bring at her feet.Her heart loved too pure and her wings too neat. 

Insecure, kept hearing all the time. Well whoever said, never once took the climb. 

A ‘forever ‘for her looked so empty , wasting tears in her twenties. 

Soon shall she realise,  the mist always clears. Your crown will rise.

Have no fear , look at the sky,  roll your pains and set them free. 

Never again you shall ever ask, “will you ever get tired of me?” .


To the person who thinks the world is giving up on her. There you have a picture you yourself drew and there’s a destiny you have to yourself shape. 

You are not alone, someone is always listening to you. :’)


5 Replies to “Never again you will have to ask. ”

  1. This is awsome
    Those line can cheer up anyone 👏
    Perfectly written and well said those who lose hopes can read dis and you day will be made by reading such post atleast noone will lose hope !! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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