Goodnight’s and Goodbye’s. 

Goodnights and Goodbyes !
When the night creeps to dark

My past follows its way back

To the chaos evolving in me

As the soul gazes at the stars
Bright smiles , set fire

Beating hearts

Loves desire,

Moonlit room,hand so warm

Your eyes , that charm !

Swift movements , heartful bliss

Stars shining , make a wish ?

Tender words, smooth skin

Feel you breathe, a slight of ‘win’

You’r my treasure over the time

As these faded moments come back , Every night !
And In serenity , I recall

The paintings of our pictures of peace

As they are now , enigma above all.
For something that killed us , to make us grow

Believe love will revamp you again , to help you glow
Till then , I pray for your happy might

And shed a heartful cry

For your absence consumed in my sight

But love , keep trusting those eyes
And till then ,

Let me burn again !

In those GoodNIGHTS and GoodBYES !

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