Let’s hear it. 

We have always expressed the inner voice or haven’t. We gracefully miss out the art of listening. When someone wants to speak,  someone just wants to be heard, maybe all times or one time or only last time. Be that person,  listen to someone today. 🙂

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      1. I was a therapeutic counsellor, having spent 20 years in Social Work. Back in the ’60s we were trained in counselling as an essential part of the job. I set up on my own when this was no longer accepted.


  1. O enchanted one
    Guide me, lead me..
    To the place
    Where there is no sound
    For I listen none now
    I am silent and so is all.
    And we all knew that
    listen is silent turned inside out..
    Only those who are silent
    may learn to listen..

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  2. Nice observation! Good listeners are hard to come by! Too many speakers lead to cacophony, arguments and clashes! Those with patient ears are in great demand to allow the stressed souls maintain their mental balance.


  3. I completely agree we should listen, but I have found some people that they are constantly talking about the bad luck they have or how depressed they are and I can listen to them and give them advice that I never follow for myself by the way, but the point is that it eventually wears me down listening too much. I too have my issues in life and I don’t expect for others to feel pity or the necessity to listen to my screw up things just to be polite. I actually find it quite selfish. Maybe is time to suck it up and stop with the crying so much. I can listen for days on end to a funny story or funny thoughts or just life in general and talk about it, but the depressed and always negative people unfurtuantely they are toxic people that if you stay around them too long it affects yourself.

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    1. I’m so glad, you took out that much of your time and effort to write your heart out. There is definitely a thing to follow in what you’ve written down. Thank you so much ❤


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