Simple as that.

It’s always as simple as spreading the jam over your bread 

As passing down a joke to your mate 

As cursing your fate 

As running behind a kite

And losing it’s sight. 

As simple as trembling with immense fear and insecurities and writing or well maybe,  reading this cause it’s never too late. 

Simple ? 

Maybe,  Not. 

Writer or Type(Writer) ?

We are all in this because we love to write and we love to throw emotions verbally. Very cautiously we are also aware about the rapidness of evolving technology.

I can’t explain if it was a random thought that striked my mind or a reality taking time to digest. 

How many of us are Writing or Just ‘Type’ Writing. 

I think I’m doing bit of both. 

Do share your views.  🙂

Appreciate your behind the scene.

The one who cooked your food,  instead of the one who ate with you. 

The one who wrote a song for you more than the one who sung it. 

The one who helped you find your perfect outfit more than the one who just liked it. 

The one who corrected you more than the one who appreciates your perfection. 

The one who helped you build your empire more than the one who came to see it. 

Appreciate everything but your behind the scene,  a little more. 

Also,  appreciating everyone who made an effort to read this. 

I thank your patience.

Believe this. 

You know a random stranger could turn out to be of great help , friends who say they care for you could be digging a pit waiting for you to fall , the guy who claims to love you could be flirting with five of your own friends under your nose , the neighbour you ignore may turn out to be the greatest witness in saving you from a wreck,  the teacher you hate is actually shaping you for life and the words you believe in could be shaded by the actions you see. Despite of whatever anyone tells you,  it’s about how they make you feel. Actions,  that matter . ACTIONS.